Let us set the Scene

It's a Typical Monday Morning. You wake up, tackle the morning routine and prepare to leave for the day. You look to your crystal collection and think, "which stones do I want bouncing around in my purse, wallet, gym bag or (other) areas today". You think, I wish there was a better way than just having stones bounce around, having to wear jewelry all the time or losing your favorite crystals... But today you realized, there was another way

Introducing SLVR LNNG  We are clothing brand , designed for those who are connected with their inner vibrations! Using real Crystals and Gemstones, we have created a special high grade ink that is infused with real crystal powder! No soaking, dust or cheap knock off. REAL POWDER made from grinding down raw stones infused into the ink then printed! 

   Established in 2021 during the Covid pandemic , SLVR LNNG has a goal to not only spread positive vibes but also help the world become a better place!  

¬† ¬†Every shirt is hand printed by our staff, at our shop here in South Florida. We do this to ensure every shirt is printed properly and all crystals and any other additives have been properly¬†added . each shirt goes through a 4 stage process before being sold ‚Äč




  • Average 5-8 Business day processing time To ensure your order is perfect¬† ¬†

  Each item is hand packed and checked before being shipped out, to ensure your satisfied with your purchase